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Not work now wp8

Hi, this plugin not worked now. Please check it sampleplayer.wp8. its getting error.

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Not show remaining time

Hello, It is a very weird issue. You can easily reproduce this issue by setting source of MediaPlayer by: removed - (Note that the above source url will be expired soon. In this case, please...

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Is it possible to use in windows phone 8.1 silverlight project

I need to play ".m3u8" file in background. How can I do that.

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Buffering- WinPhone: Streaming gets stuck saying its bufferring

I am using Phonesm for my Xamarin project where i need to stream live video. Live streaming is in m3u8 format. I have integrated Phonesm, At start of streaming, it works properly. But after few mi...

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HLS selecting audio only stream

Hi have a HLS playlist with multliple qualities. One of those qualities is "audio only". When try to play this HLS playlist using the Windows Phone 8.1 sample app, the audio only stream is always s...

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Support for Adobe Http Streaming, F4M files?

Hi, I just found out that NASA TV changed the video format from HTTP Live Streaming/m3u8 to new Adobe Http Streaming/F4M format. Is there a way how to playback this kind of stream on Windows/Phon...

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3001 AG_E_INVALID_FILE_FORMAT errorin Silverlight in browser

Hi, I am able to use silverlight application with out of browser enabled but when I include it into existing project and set it as in browser app I get this error "3001 AG_E_INVALID_FILE_FORMAT" wh...

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Markers are not called

I have setup markets on a player like this but they are not called. I use PlayerFramework and not MediaElement directly. Does this plugin supports markers? var endless = true; if (duration ...

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WinRt version on Windows Phone 8.1 doesn't update UI after App resuming (Background Audio)

Hello! I use phonesm-1.5.1-alpha -> WinRT.sln. I have problem with updating UI after App resuming. For example: 1) I run "BackgroundAudio.Sample " on my WP 8.1 device. I press "play button"....

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Playback does not start automatically

I have Player Framework configured with this library and when initialized, even so I have autoplay="true" stream does not play till Play button is clicked. Here it is <mmppf:MediaPlayer x:Name=...

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