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Phone and Media Element

  • If you start getting Error 3100s, then reboot the phone. The MediaElement has died.
  • MediaElement doesn't seem to like being on the stack more than once. Hence, be careful of doing anything that might call back into MediaElement. It doesn't always blow up...
  • MediaElement doesn't seem to like being attached to the visual tree when the view changes (hence the OnNavigatedFrom code to detach it). I took it a step further by getting rid of it entirely; that may not be required.
  • Do not submit data to MediaElement until after seeks are done (including the first seek triggered by the open media).
  • The phone has a web cache. I'm not sure exactly what the rules are, but it can make reloading live playlists fun. (A proxy server, fiddler, or Wireshark can be helpful here.)

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